Coachella : Outfit Day 1 🌸 👗

hey loves so Coachella is this weekend and even though i am not going i still wanted to do this post, because Coachella is all about music and fashion!

This outfit is this burgundy bell sleeve lace splicing shift dress. This beautiful dress is by Shein and you can buy it here  :



This dress is so comfortable and chic! Also if you don’t go to Coachella is still a pretty dress for spring and summer!

You can pair it with a choker like i did and is from Rosa Jewelry   rosa jewelry Instagram


And these sunnies from Regalis collection are just amazing visit their website to find more : website  instagram 



Thats all for today , tomorrow is coming a new post with outfit day 2

kisses V

5 cafes/ restaurants in Ath. Greece 🇬🇷☕️🍴#travelguide

hey loves, a while ago i posted my travel guide to Prague and i got a really good feedback so because i live in Athens and i know a lot  good places, i decided to do a mini guide for some cafes and restaurants that i know!

Γεια σας , πριν από λίγο καιρό δημοσίευσα το travel guide to  Prague  και πήρα ένα πολύ καλό feedback και σκέφτηκα  επειδή ζω στην Αθήνα και ξέρω αρκετά  μέρη, αποφάσισα να κάνω ένα μίνι οδηγό για κάποιες καφετέριες και μπαρς που ξέρω!

☕️ Estrella street food

Estrella is a really nice and friendly place that has great flavors and meals! It is perfect to go for breakfast or brunch with your family or friends, the only negative thing about this place is that you have to wait a long time but is worth it !! I totally recommend getting the red velvet pancakes!

Το Estrella είναι ένα πολύ όμορφο και φιλικό μέρος , έχει υπέροχες γεύσεις και σνακς ! Είναι το ιδανικό μέρος   για πρωινό ή brunch με την οικογένεια ή τους φίλους σας, το μόνο αρνητικό πράγμα σχετικά με αυτό το μέρος είναι ότι θα πρέπει να περιμένετε πολύ ώρα , αλλά αξίζει τον κόπο !! Θα ήθελα να συστήσω να πάρετε  τις red velevt τηγανίτες!


🍴 Cap Cap

This place is just magical …but for real though, Cap Cap is a cafe that each season it changes it’s theme, for example  right now the theme is beauty and the beast!I HIGHLY recommend you to visit this place is incredible, not to add that the service is unbelievable fast !!

Αυτό το μέρος είναι απλά μαγικό … όχι όντως ειναι ,το Cap Cap είναι μια καφετέρια που κάθε εποχή αλλάζει το θέμα του , για παράδειγμα τώρα το θέμα είναι η Πεντάμορφη και το Τέρας! Συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα να επισκεφθείτε αυτό το μέρος είναι απίστευτο, να προσθέσω ότι το service είναι απίστευτα γρήγορο !!


☕️ The Noel Bar

Is a cafe bar restaurant that the decoration ,the food ,the drinks are just PURE PERFECTION . You have to be super lucky to get a table but you can make a reservation!

είναι  ένα μπαρ εστιατόριο  που η διακόσμηση, το φαγητό, τα ποτά είναι ΑΠΛΑ ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΑ . Πρέπει να είσαι πολύ τυχερός για να βρεις  τραπέζι, αλλά μπορείτε να κάνετε κράτηση!


🍴The Sowl

Is a Mexican inspired bar restaurant in the centre of Athens, the decoration is simply amazing the service the food is outstanding.It is also perfect to go for breakfast or brunch!

Είναι ένα μεξικάνικο εστιατόριο  μπαρ στο κέντρο της Αθήνας, η διακόσμηση είναι απλά καταπληκτική η υπηρεσία το φαγητό είναι καταπληκτικό.Επίσης είναι ιδανικό για να πάτε για πρωινό ή brunch!


☕️Little Kook

Little kook is a cafe that is Christmas all year WHO DOES NOT LIKE THAT ??? the sweets are so tasty and creative.

Το Little kook είναι ένα καφέ που είναι Χριστούγεννα όλο το χρόνο ΠΟΙΟΣ  δεν ΘΑ ΤΟ ήθελε ΑΥΤΟ  ??? τα γλυκά είναι τόσο νόστιμα και δημιουργικά!!


Thats  all for today i hope you liked it !! if you ever visit Athens Greece definitely go to those places

Αυτά για σήμερα , εύχομαι να σας άρεσε το ποστ!! Αν ποτέ επισκεφθείτε την Αθήνα να πάτε οπωσδήποτε σε αυτά τα μέρη

kisses V

φιλάκια Β

🌸spring is coming🌸

hey loves

so spring is finally coming !For me spring is the best season ,because its not too cold or too hot its perfect !

So  decided to do a post about some MUST HAVES for spring  !!

the first one is this jean jacket. Jean jackets are so in right now, they go with pretty much everything BUY IT HERE 

Lapel Tie Waist Long Sleeve Outerwear are just so comfy and so stylish! many celebrities are rocking this outwear! and also this coffee/ blush pink color is just amazing!! BUY IT HERE 

As i said spring is not too cold or too hot but you always need a sweater no matter what.So this pink blush crop sweater is perf!! BUY IT HERE 

And lastly a Black Knotted Fringe Trim Kimono!I am not a huge fan of kimonos but this one really drew my attention is so cute and boho but not too crazy looking ! BUY IT HERE 

Find more on SHEIN  website  

thats all for todays sweethearts see you next time

kisses V


HEY loves its v

lately i am trying to put a little color in my wardrobe ( i am trying ok  ? ) because pretty much my closet is full of black clothes !

many people love wearing black . I don’t blame them it is the most easy color and  it goes with everything. But to be honest its a little scary  , so here is 2  outfits that can help you put a little color in you black outfit


pink jacket : foever 21

bag : hand made sewing shop

shoes : adidas superstars



gold bracelets : secret stories

bag : handmade sewing shop


pink choker : soho chic jewel

gold bracelets : secret stories

bag : handmade sewing shop


another outfit that has a little color except for black is this : i worn this comfy  grey sweatshirt.It is so comfy and cute and goes perfect with pink


sweatshirt : romwe fashion

pink choker : soho chic jewel

watch : dukudu

shoes: boziki


thats all for today cuties i hope you like it

kisses V

street style

hey loves

in todays post i am going to show  you one of my favorite street style outfit

i love this outfit cause is casual but at the same time is chic don’t  you agree ?


Leather jacket is a must have for every girl !! you can customize it with everything in your closet.


these migato boots are my favorite right now!! they are so cute and because i wear a lot of black these shoes help me put some color


this one piece , i don’t know why i haven’t worn a one piece before i thought that they were so uncomfortable but they are not !!!


and lastly chokers are really in fashion.There are a many kinds of chokers (in my opinion i love all of them ) but they really spice up your outfit!!

so thats all for today love  you cuties

xo V

Night Out look

Hey loves

Merry Christmas I hope you have a great day with your family and friends !

since its christmas and everyone is going out i want to so you one of my favorite outfits. Its casual and chic  at the same time!!


my dress is from H&M

the bomber jacket is from H&M 

my bag is from Moddisimo 

my shoes are from Mitsuko 







bull necklace by Tailored by Vivian 

black choker by H&M





Thats all for today cuties enjoy you christmas break and see you next time

xo V

Prague day 1 #travelwithvp

hey little cuties

As i said in my previous post i went to Prague  for my sweet 16 and i had a blast!

so the first day that i was there i wore  something comfortable because i was on the plane and i didn’t want to wear something extreme ! After our flight we went and  explored the city !


sweatshirt :  H&M 

Leggings :  H&M


Bag : Gucci 

Coat: Sisley


For lunch we went to this local pizzaria! IT WAS THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD !not to add that the man who owned the restaurant had a dog named mia ,she was so adorable and playful with everyone . SHE WAS ALSO WEARING A PINK COAT HOW CUTE ?


My night look : 

Bag: Gucci 

Coat: Sisley

Blouse:  Tally Weijl

leggings: H&M

Shoes: Mitsouko 

Thats all for today loves have a lovely day

Xo V

How to style : Pouch bags ♡

hey little unicorns , its V

so in todays post we are going to talk about how to style pouch bags!

pouch bags are super stylish and cute!! So i wanted to share some tips and ways to style them !





Infanta bags is an  online greek store that  makes handmade pouch bags,they are super amazing and  talented. They put their heart in evrything that they make, so i highly request you to purchase a bag like that from their store!!

infanta bags instagram  Facebook 

thats all for today loves

have a nice day

xo V

Travel guide : Prague ♡

hey loves its V

My birthday was on November 16 so my parents and i went to Prague to celebrate my sweet 16 ! I can truly say it was one of the most amazing place i have ever visit !

So if you ever have the opportunity to go , i highly request you to visit Prague. You feel like you are in Renaissance and time to time you are expecting  a princess to  open her window  and wait for her prince to come  ( thats how i felt  lol).

So if you want to go you should go to this places  for sure:

♡ First     you have to visit the Charles bridge ! Take a lot of pictures because it has an outstanding  view!prague-2-daily-escape-rend-tccom-966-544

♡ Go see a Black theater show. Unfortunately i didn’t  have a lot of time to do that but i have heard a lot of good critics about these shows !!


♡ Next go to The Middle Age museum ! i don’t have words to describe it , seriously i loved it so much and let me tell you i hate museums  BUT THIS oh my god it was amazing.

♡ Visit the mirror museum! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE it had a mirror maze ! i almost got lost in there but i am ok lol.

♡ Eat their famous dessert! Oh my god this dessert was so good and tasteful

♡ Go for a boat ride ! i know it sounds boring but its so relaxing and you have a free drink so thats aplus.


thats all for today

xo V  ♡